LARU14 Rite Now

The exhibition featured artists and authors from China, Cuba, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland and Ukraine. They are joined in the common aim to offer surprising contents to the question of What ritual is or has been there, and what gets you bored or demands immediate actions?

Particpant artists in LARU14:  Katarzyna Balcerowska, Suvi Haapala, Steffen Halme, Ipe Heinonen, Taika Ilola, Miia Kallio & Otto Santala, Anna- Lea Kopperi, Erika De Martino, Anu Miettinen, Anu Nirkko, Alberto Oviedo Stuart, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, Petro Veretilnyk, Willem Wilhelmus and Wensi Zhai.

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LARU ART Association
℅ Oksaksenkatu 5 B 19
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 41 5116864


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