Wensi Zhai

artist_43_photoI am a Beijing-based artist and designer. Now I am studying Environmental art in Finland. My background is graphic design for years. As it has strong connection with economy which cannot satisfy me enough from the spiritual and mental perspective, so I move on art.

I am also a thinker. All my works are tending to find out my new understanding of how to be happy, how to find happiness and how to share it to others in any the situation in this crucial reality. Every time, I collected all my painfulness, analysis them, and study them, then I transfer the result into my work for getting and express the positive part of it. Because I believe, everything has the other side. My style is dreamy and surreal. I like to visualize things which you couldn’t see in real life normally. Because I want to show new possibilities of how to look at the world, then life will change by new attitude.

I don’t limit myself by the material or methods for working, but rather be curious to always try new things. So there are sculpture work, paintings, installation, intervention and performance.

Art guides me to be beauty in Nature. I am on my way.


  • Multicolor Dreams Project, Helsinki City Center, 2011
  • Aalto University Opening Ceremony, Design Factory, Espoo, 2011
  • exhibition«PAIN» in Kerava Museum,Finland, 2010
  • an art/design project «24 personal consensus» for Aalto University in Shanghai EXPO, China, 2010
  • «the third yearly exhibition of LVXIAO »in Peking, 798 art district, China, 2010
  • the AHNE10 exhibition, Suvilahti, Finland, 2010
  • the AHNE09 exhibition with sculpture work «The Breathing», Estonia, 2009
  • Frankfurt Book Fair with illustration works, German, 2009
  • the art book exhibition «15 to 1» in London. UK, 2008

E-mail: wensi.zhai@gmail.com

Work Blog: http://seekavenue.upshine.net