Sirpa Jokinen & Pekka Nevalainen


Together we have made sound works and sound performances. We have been interested in speech, singing, sounds produced by objects and particularly sound of the environment. We do not consider our works as music. Sound performance Sounds of Dripping Water (2008, 2009) was homage to the Fluxus artist George Brecht.

The work in the LaruArt exhibition this summer will be our first installation made together.

Sirpa´s group exhibitions

  • 2009               Take A Winter Walk, soundwalk, The Univerity Botanical gardens, Helsinki
  • 2009               Botanical Gardens, Tallin, Estonia
  • 2008               Conversation with plants, sound installation at The Univerity Botanical gardens, Helsinki
  • 2007               Open, Annantalo Art Center, Helsinki
  • 2005               Pixelache festival, Particle/Wave, Helsinki
  • 2004               Baggage Personal Soundscape, Helsinki Railway Station and Kiasma,                             Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki
  • 2002               Videos (with Gillian McIver), Spider and Mouse gallery, Moscow
  • 1999               Theater Artaud,  San Francisco
  • 1999               Nature and Technology, Carr Institute, Vancouver, Canada
  • 1998               Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute
  • 1995               Art Festival of Mänttä
  • 1991               Espo 4, Otso Gallery,  Espoo
  • 1989               Frei Berliner Kunstausstellung, West- Berlin
  • 1986, 1988     Young Artist Exhibition, Helsinki Art Hall
  • 1988               Annual Exhibition of Finnish Artists,  Helsinki Art Hall
  • 1988               Fiskars
  • 1988              The Four Academies,  Helsingborg Konstmuseum,  Sweden

Pekka´s exhibitions

Puhelin: +358 50 5282884 (Sirpa), +358 45 1370088 (Pekka)