Riikka Aresalo


Riikka Aresalo (b.1970) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland and received her MA degree in Environmental Art from Aalto ARTS, 2012. Earlier she graduated from Art School Maa in Contemporary Art. By her works Aresalo analyses a human being, its acts and existence, visible and invisible, and permanent and change in the universal level. She wonders when doesn´t know why and investigates what it is all about. Concerning recent works, Aresalo´s art has been exhibited in urban environments rather than inside the white cube and such interventions enable penetrations in people´s every day living or an attendance as an uninvited guest in a party. But all in all, Aresalo wishes all the luck for a man´s journey.


The Expiration – Worth its Weight vol.6, Joutseno (2015)
Tax Refunds Paid 2013 (Worth its Weight vol.4) Helsinki (2013)
Still Together, 3B and 3T, Kallio, Helsinki (2013)
Black-and-White or White-and-Black, Knitn´n´Tag, Helsinki (2012)
54 Woolly Hats, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu, Helsinki (2012)
For Estelle/Three Crowns of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden (2012)
One of Thousands, Tikkurila Railway Station, Vantaa (2011) Monument of Confusion and Shame, Kallio, Helsinki (2011)
A Viewpoint to Helsinki and Snow, Helsinki (2011)
Exit, Helsinginkatu, Helsinki (2011)
City Swings, Helsinki Festival, Töölönlahti, Helsinki (2010)
Singin´ in the Rain, Kallio kipinöi, Helsinki (2010)

Missä ruoho on vihreämpää – Where the Grass is Greener, Galleria Alkovi, Helsinki (2013)
Kotikunta Helsinki 01.02.1993 alkaen, Helsinki Local Register Office, Helsinki (2009)

Landscape – Metropolis, G11 Galerie, Berlin, Germany (2015)
The Last Lingonberry, Kivinokka Helsinki (2014)
uP, metamatic:taf’s gallery, Athens, Greece (2014)
uP, metamatic:taf’s gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (2014)
Art Fair Suomi 2012, Cable Factory, Helsinki (2012)
Message, Aalto ARTS, Helsinki (2012)
Testaushalli – Laboratory, Aalto Art House, Espoo (2012)
Hole in the Universe, Kerava Art Museum (2011)
AHNE 2011, Elevaatorihoone, Tallinn, Estonia (2011)
Routakallio 202X, Seinäjoki (2011)
Suomenlinna Arts & Crafts, Galleria Rantakasarmi, Helsinki (2009)
Tila 3:lle – Skoki 2, Galleria Maa-tila, Helsinki (2008)
Rippituoli, Sovituskoppi ja Narunveto, Galleria Maa-tila, Helsinki (2008)
Katukiven alla on hiekkaranta, Galleria Maa-tila, Helsinki (2007)