Ria Piritta Mette

Ria Piritta Mette (b. 1977) is a German-Finnish visual artist who lives and works in Finland. Mette is known for her conceptual installations. In her installations, the underlying concept is the most important starting point – the technique is merely a method to convey the message.In her art work, the main goal is to pose questions and create a close relationship between everyday life and art. Her aim is to make visual art which is simple to understand and which does not set any specific requirements on the education or background of the audience.

Since the idea is the most important part of her work, the technique she uses is not restricted to traditional art. Ria Piritta Mette has experimented with, for example, textile serigraphy, photography, barbed wire, pasta and collaborated with her audience during the exhibitions.

Selected solo exhibitions

2008   Gallery Büsch (November 2008)    Berlin, DE
2007   Gallery Büsch (April 2007)    Berlin, DE
2006   ‘Expectations’ Gallery Maa-Tila    Helsinki, FI
2006   ‘Expectations’ Galleria Konstfackt    Stockholm, SE

Selected group exhibitions

2011   Wasteland festival, “Edge” Sculpture, Kouvola, FI
2010   Wasteland festival, “Punk-Horse” Wall Painting  Kouvola, FI
2010   Memory traces, group exhibition, Koblenz, DE
2007   University of Art and Design, Helsinki, FI, Masters of Arts
2007 Festival 2007   Art Center Lovely ‘Amerika’ (Anniova group)  Heinola, FI
2006   4th International Student Triennial, Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul, TR
2005   University of Art and Design, Helsinki, FI, Masters of Arts 2005 Festival
2003   Art School Maa Final Art Exhibition at Suomenlinna Rantakasarmi, Helsinki FI

Selected projects

2010-  ‘Six by Six’ drawing-collaboration project, Helsinki, Fi
2007   ‘Latva’ Environmental Art Project 2007, Helsinki, FI
2007   ‘Collectivewallpainting’, Helsinki, FI, “Joku raja!” campaign against violence, Amnesty International
2005   ‘Insect curtain’, Helsinki, FI, Unicef Thirst Day Project 27-30.04
2005   ‘Secret destination’ Installation, Helsinki, FI, ‘Aesthetics and mobility’ seminar, Media Center Lume, Studio stage
1999 – 2000  A fire sculpture for the Millenium, Purnu, FI, celebrations of Purnu, cooperation, with the Tulitikku – group