Nastia Eliseeva


I am interested in spaces and the organization of space by means of form or colour. I work with different objects, putting them into the nature, or interior or any other place, objects that transform the place they have been pasted to. Something that is not familiar to this place can turn it to something else or create a new space. Or it opens a new point of view… I want to change the focuses.

I work with various materials, such as paper, metal, ceramics, wood. I joined many russian and international exhibitions and workshops.


  • 4/2007 “La Familia”, Valencia, Spain (participated)
  • 4/2007 Spring – exhibition of the Society of Artists of St.Petersburg (participated)
  • 11/2006 Fall-exhibition of the Society ot Artists of St.Petersbug (participated)
  • 8/2006 State Museum of City Sculpture St.Petersburg:Session of Young Art: Orientation in Space (participated)
  • 8/2006 Nomi-Gallery, St.Petersburg: “I Chose Art-Project by SieOHN” (participated)
  • 12/2005 Russian-German Art Project “Popolja”, Russian-German Exchange. St Petersburg (participated)
  • since 09/2005 Lazur da glina, St.Petersbug Gallery, permanent exhibition of varios art works.
  • 10/2004&01/2005 Russian-German Art Project “SieOHN”, Greiswald/Germany and Art Centre “Puskhkinskaya 10” St.Petersburg (participated)
  • 09/2003 Fall-exhibition of Society of Artists of St.Petersburg (participated)
  • 07/2003 Exhibition in Porcellan Museum, Riga (participated)
  • 12/2002 1000 candles, Christmas Exhibition at St.Petersburg (participated)
  • 10/2002 RosVuz Design-Gallery, St.Petersburg (one of three exhibited artists)
  • 05/2002 Local Exhibition of Bornholms H√∂jskole, Denmark (participated)
  • 2001 Evolution of Interier, St.Petersburg (participated)


Phone: +7921 3125721