Leena Mäki-Patola

born in Varkaus, Finland in 1956

The theme of luck and misfortune lies in the background of my latest works, which deal wirth ecological and ethic questions connected with elements like earth, air, blood and water. Main colours in my works are blue, white, shades of red clay and red. Blue for water, white for air and the shades of brown refer to nature, red signifies the human factor. White is a symbol for timelessness, freedom, openness and calmness. Red has impacts like strong feeling of life, violence and blood in its versatile associations.

The stimuli for working are daily life and news which get conceiled in mind. For me art is one way of participating in the societal discussion and decision making. My main material is clay, but in installations I also combine readymade objects, video and sound.



Antroposeeni, O gallery, Helsinki, Finland 2015
Fortuna, G12, Kuopio, Finland 2014
When The Rain Didn´t Come, Kumbukumbu, Helsinki, Finland 2012-13

Stone paper scissors, O gallery, Helsinki, Finland 2015
Sjählö 9, Tikanoja Art Museum, Vaasa, Finland 2014
Sjählö 9, Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland 2014
Sjählö 9, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Hyvinkää, Finland 2013
LOVE, Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio, Finland 2012
WATERS-VESIÄ-AMANZI, Lahti, Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Kuopio, Finland 2011-12
“Oon kaupungissa” – “Designspotting”, Helsinki, Finland 2011
WATERS-VESIÄ-AMANZI, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, South Africa 2010

Now Here Finland 2012, Valencia, Spain , Jyväskylä, Savonlinna, Lahti, Finland 2012-13
Ceramega 2012, Voipaala Art Center, Sääksmäki, Finland 2012, 2004, 1996
BELA Biennial 2012, Galeria do Palácio, Porto, Portugal 2012
Between tradition and future, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South-Korea 2011