Kirsi Kuronen


I paint rather large and colourful paintings on canvas and different types/kind of boards. Very often I picture people in my fantasy landscapes. For me it´s very important to display the feelings of people. A strong and brave use colours is typical of my approach. The artists I admire have a positive approach to life. My paintings often depict the positive adventures of lovers.

Group exhibitions

  • 2009 Gallery Rantakasarmi,”Eläimellistä”-summer exhibition of Artistsof accociation Helsinki, paintings, Finland
  • 2008 Taidekeskus Hovinkartano, “Summer exhibition”, paintings, Hauho
  • 2008 Gallery Rantakasarmi,  Ajassa kiinni”-summer exhibition of Artistsof association Helsinki, paintings, Finland
  • 2007 Gallery  Katariina, “I love Helsinki-summer exhibition of Artists association of Helsinki, paintings, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2006 Gallery  Katariina,  “Erotique”-summer exhibition of Artistsassociation of   Helsinki, paintings, Helsinki, Finland


Phone: +358 50 34 89 738