Heli Hietala


Art for me is kind of researching everyday elements sur¬rounding our life, objects which we use and live with and finding the marks of existing and absent minded human behaviour in nature and the manmade surroundings. Things which are surrounded by facts and look like immutable in everyday life, in human relationships and the relationships between user and an object. It is giving endless source to find meanings and play with old things in new surroundings and vice versa.

Many of my works have a different beginning pattern, but the similarity lies in the conceptually derived content. This affects the final expression, specially the materials, which mainly have a metaphorical meaning.


  • 2008  Insects, MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2007 a Dog and a Fur, Helsinki Old Bus Station, `Reasonable Happy´, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2007 Paintings, S-Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2006 Colours, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design ETDM `Two Close Ones´, 4th Applied Art Triennial 2006, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2005  Object, Amos Anderson Art Museum, `Finnish Jewellery´, Helsinki Finland
  • 2003  Net -Art installation, ANTI –Art festival, Kuopio, Finland
  • 2003  Promises, Gallery Roter Pavillon, `3 x 5´, De Schmuck Jewellery Art, Bad Doberan, Germany
  • 1998  Sucking Pads, The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, `Finnish Jewellery 2´, Oulu, Finland