Erika De Martino



Erika De Martino born in Padua-Italy in 1975, is an architect (MSc.Arch) and artist working with photography, based in Helsinki since 2006. Her experience spans from architectural/design projects and competitions, to photographic projects and installations, with a site-specific approach. Through her photographs, she investigates the connections between nature/architecture, man/landscape, cities and places identity. Using unconventional printing supports, she explores new dynamics of the image perception and interaction by the observer in the space, suggesting the coexistence of multiple visual levels. With and through her installations, she strives to always relate respectfully to the specific genius loci, integrating references across architecture, psychology and multicultural knowledge. Lately she has been developing also environmental art interventions.Besides Italy and Finland, she also lived in the UK and in Spain. Her artworks have been shown in Finland, Russia, Italy and China, at the 54^ Venice Art Biennale, II Baltic Biennale, Galleria Nunes, Caisa and Stoa in Helsinki, Apaja Galleria in Oulu, Kunming Festival in China. Most recently her photography installations were awarded the XVII International Prize Massenzio Arte, Rome-Italy and a Special Prize by LaFeltrinelli at RicCCA13 Intl. Art & Design Biennale, Padua-Italy.


2008 – present Member of SAFA, Finnish Association of Architects – Helsinki, Finland

1994 – 2005 MSc in Architecture – IUAV University of Architecture, Venice, Italy (Master’s Thesis project in Oulu, Finland)

1999 – 2000 Erasmus student exchange scholarship – Dept. of Architecture, Oulu, Finland


2014 XVII Intl. Prize Massenzio Arte solo exhibition, photo installations, Rome, Italy
2014 WoodLand , B&W analogue/digital photos on translucent canvas and on transparent polycarbonate, Helsinki
2014 Message ON a bottle photography installation, B&W prints on recycled glass bottles/jars



2014 WoodLand , B&W analogue and digital, LaFeltrinelli bookstore, Mestre Venice, Italy -Special Prize by LaFeltrinelli

2013 Flowing Traces, B&W digital, LaFeltrinelli bookstore , Treviso, Italy -Special Prize by LaFeltrinelli

2013 Apophenia, colour/B&W analogue and digital, LaFeltrinelli bookstore, Padua, Italy -Special Prize by LaFeltrinelli

2010 Flowing Traces, B&W digital photographs on translucent canvas Caisa International Cultural Centre, Helsinki, Finland (critic Otso Kantokorpi – Finland)

2008 Due Viaggi/Kaksi matkaa colour/B&W analogue and digital prints

Caisa International Cultural Centre, Helsinki, Finland; Apaja Galleria, Dept. of Architecture, Oulu, Finland

2007-2008 Land shapes the Arctic Court B&W analogue and digital photographs printed on transparent film Stoa Cultural Centre, Helsinki; Galleria Espoonsilta, Espoo, Finland; Textile Museum gallery, Forssa, Finland

1993 Nuvole di Erika (Erika’s Clouds) colour analogue photographs, A.Gaiofatto Architect’s Studio, Padua, Italy


2013 VII Massenzio Arte collective exhibition, Metamorphosis installations , Rome, Italy

2013 4th Athens Biennale 2013_AGORA (web shortlist only)

2013 LARU13 – Natural Intelligence environmental art installations en plain air, Lauttasaari, Helsinki

2013 RicCAA13 Intl. Biennale of Art&Design and Environmental Sustainability policies, Padua, Italy

Metamorphosis digital photography installation, prints on transparent film

2012 Lumo/The Spell , Metamorphosis digital photography installations, Galleria Nunes, Helsinki, Finland

2011 54th Venice Art Biennale – Italian Pavilion in the World, 3 displays in Helsinki + video screened in Venice Arsenale

A.Aalto’s Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, Bio Rex – Lasipalatsi, Jukka Male Museum (critic: Maria Stella Bottai – Italy)

2010 II Baltic Biennale, Flowing Traces B&W digital photographs printed on translucent canvas and transparent film

Small Manege Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

2006 BigScreen Italia Festival of Kunming, Yunnan, China (“Year of Italy” in China), analogue colour photographs

PUBLICATIONS Erika De Martino’s artworks and architectural photographs appear in:

2013 Catalogue of the XVII Intl. Prize Massenzio Arte, Rome, Italy

2013 Catalogue of the Intl. Biennale of Art&Design RicCAA13, Cleup, Padua, Italy

2011 Perspectives magazine, issue 4/October, Art Print Oy, Helsinki, Finland

2011 Catalogue of the 54h Venice Art Biennale – “State of the Arts”, Skira Editore, Milano, Italy

2010 Catalogue of the II Baltic Biennale in St.Petersburg, Russia, by art historian Tatiana Yureva

2009 Edilizia popolare magazine no.283, Rome, Italy

2008 L’innovazione tecnologica e la sostenibilitа nelle costruzioni – J.Gaspari, Edicom, Monfalcone, Italy


2014 XVII Intl. Prize Massenzio Arte, Rome, Italy

2013 Special Prize “FotografArti alla Feltrinelli” awarded by LaFeltrinelli bookstore, Padua, Italy

2011 Special Prize awarded by the Associazione Padovani nel Mondo – Chamber of Commerce of Padua, Italy

2005 Selected entry, In_Urbana contest, Zupafluo, Milan, Italy (digital composition from 35 mm. colour slides)


2006 – present Archtours Oy Ltd., Helsinki, Finland

2009 – 2010 Arkkitehtitoimisto Hдkli, Helsinki, Finland (Puulehti 1/2010, 4/2010; Arkkitehtilehti 4/2010 )

2008 Orue Y Ledo Arquitectos, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

2007 – 2008 Parviainen Arkkitehdit Oy Ltd., Espoo, Finland

2006 Vesa Honkonen Architects, Helsinki, Finland. Steven Holl’s Meander competition project team – 1st prize