Cemile Nisametdin

Russian artist Cemile Nisametdin comes from Kazan;  the capital city of Tatarstan. She has been trained as an actor in her homeland, continued her studies in Estonia and qualified as a makeup artist after moving to Finland. Ethnically she is a Tatar. She sings in Tatar language. Her CD was the top-selling in Tatarstan in 2004. Cemile writes lyrics and composes music by herself. She has won many awards in Tatarstan. Among them are:

The most popular radio hit “Golden Leopard” award, 2004

  • The dance music composer of the year 2005
  • National TV corporation (TNV) music video award, 2005Cemile Nisametdin is an official coach of the Finnish team at the Karaoke Championships. She is also a make-up & hair stylist.

Photographer: Marko Saari

Contact Information

LARU ART Association
℅ Oksaksenkatu 5 B 19
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 41 5116864


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