Benedicte Clementsen


Benedicte Clementsen is an artist, living and working in Bergen, Norway. With the starting point in the time based, she works with a wide range of mediums such as video, sound, performance and installation. The various expressions complement each other and allow each component to dare more.
Whether a sensuous and emotional character or a conceptual idea, her works all deal with embodiment. From the bodily, she aims to create open, tactile and mood-based works, making space for the wordless. Lightness is a quality in art which she aims towards. Both as part of the process and in the finished result. Light, not as simple, but open and clear.


2015 Kunsthall Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway
2015 Vestlandsutstillingen, touring show, Norway
2015 Papa Gyros Night, Orkney Islands, Scotland
2014 Between Sky & Sea International performance art festival, Herdla, Norway
2014 HoveKunst, Hove festival, Arendal, Norway
2014 Sectioning Experience, graduate exhibition show, Bergen, Norway
2014 Vibber, Bergen International Festival, Bergen, Norway
2014 Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway
2014 Stord Art Association, Stord, Norway
2013 Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, New York, US
2013 PAO Festival, Atelier Nord /ANX, Oslo, Norway
2013 Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, New York, US
2013 Several events hosted by 100 years! Bergen, Norway
2013 PAB OPEN, Bergen, Norway
2013 The Arts Festival of North Norway, Harstad, Norway
2013 RHCW, Lincoln Art Programme, Lincoln, UK
2013 Power to Change, KNIPSU, Bergen, Norway
2013 Beautiful Lies, Warsaw, Poland
2013 Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway
2012 FEM_12 Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2012 LĀ“Estruch (Nau Estruch), Sabadell, Spain
2012 Bergen International Performance Festival, Bergen, Norway
2012 GalleriBokboden, Bergen, Norway
2011 Meteor Festival, Bergen, Norway
2011 NoN Performance Art festival, Bergen, Norway