Anu Miettinen

BIO in English. Anu Miettinen (b. 1975) is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated as a painter from Vapaa Taidekoulu / Free Art School in 1998. Miettinen is multidisciplinary artist and she is using as her media moving and still image, environmental art, performance, installation and drawing. Miettinen works simultaneously on her own and in many groups, as well as with various artworks and projects. Her work has been presented in many exhibitions since her debut exhibition in 1997, and she has participated actively in group exhibitions in Finland and other countries such as Mupis in Valencia, Pereuchet in St. Petersburg, Face to Face in Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art. Her artworks are presented in collections including Swanljung Collection, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art Collection, Saskia Collection and in numerous Private Collections.

STATEMENT in English. 18 MAY 2013 I graduated as a painted from the Free Art School in Helsinki in 1998. Already as a student I used photography alongside painting in my works. Photography was for me a path for becoming a multidisciplinary artist, and today I work with moving and still images, environmental art, installation, performance and drawing. In addition to cross-disciplinary media, I am also interested in approaches that blend art with science. My key themes – apart from light and colour, which I investigate almost without noticing – are people and thereby memories, remembering and dreams. My other themes include anonymity, interaction, narrativity, the traditional presentation of male and female roles in art, and the significance of shame in private and public contexts. I am also intrigued by different conceptions of space and the experience and investigation of space, themes I have addressed through traditional media as well as new approaches. I am particularly fond of seriality and repetition as artistic devices. Installation has also become an increasingly important medium for me. The thing that draws me towards community art and installation is the boundary between staging and reality. My current installations have an affinity with performance and its components, they examine the elements of traditional representation of space and time, up to a point where even the performer becomes superfluous. My photographic and video works are often performative and involve elements of fictive documentation. It is natural for me to appear visually or auditively in my own works.