Anna-Lea Kopperi

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Anna-Lea Kopperi works on conceptual art with different medias. She is known for her environmental and interactive works, installations and public sculptures, which arise from the ecological, architectural and social aspects of the site. In her site-specific processes she explores the concepts of a site and situation through change and interaction. In her ephemeral oeuvre, Kopperi combines her perceptions of spaces with existential questions like life and death, time and continuity.

Anna-Lea Kopperi’s works have been exhibited internationally in Europe and Asia since the early 1990s. Her recent solo exhibitions are Plants for Free, video installation and performance at the Kunsthalle Helsinki, Mountain in my Head at ACCEA in Yerevan, Armenia, Thought Lift at Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki and Across the Air at the Durbar Hall Ground in Kochi, India. The works of Kopperi have been exhibited e.g. at the Artisterium 6 and 5 Tbilisi International Art Exhibition and Art Events in Georgia, the 8th Gyumri Biennale in Armenia, the 3rd International Festival in St. Petersburg, Junge Kunst International in Overbeck-Gesellschaft Lübeck and Jenseits der Norm, Documenta X fringe Exhibition, in Kassel.

 Her permanent sculptures have been erected around Europe, e.g. Bio Chain at the University of Helsinki, Pointillistic Bridge in Imatra and Together, granite sculpture in Vejby, Denmark. In 2013 the Finnish State Art Commission awarded a Prize for her Silent site in the Public Sculpture Competition. Her works are in public collections of different countries. The artist studied in Finland, France and Germany, and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf in 1996.

Kopperi´s worksamples
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Selected Exhibitions

2014 In White, Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop
2013 Plants for Free, Studio of Kunsthalle Helsinki IN-OUT, Artisterium 6, Tbilisi International Art Exhibiton, Georgia,
2012 Changing the Earth, Artisterium 5, Tbilisi International Art Exhibition and Art Events, Georgia
2012 Ash Trees for Free, 8th Gyumri International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Armenia
2012 Mountain in my Head, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia,
2012 Together we plant an Ash Tree, General Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia,

2011 Across the Air, Plants for Free, Durbar Hall Ground, Kochi, India

2011 Thought lift, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki,
2011 NYT2011 Together, Raision museo Harkko
2011 Puun taju, Hyvinkää
2010 Together we plant an Oak tree (with Egle Oddo), Vantaa
2010 Beyond the Body, Kivinokka, Helsinki
2010 Rower , Helsinki
2010 Ars Sippola, Kouvola,
2010 Collective Collection of Happy Ideas, Saksala ArtRadius, Haukivuori
2009 Trace of A Man, Kivinokka 2009, Helsinki
2009 Souckis on my Mind, Souckis Environ 465v, Espoo
2008 Stones of J, 10th Anniversary Environmental Art Exhibition, J
2008 I love, Anniversary Environmental Art Exhibition of the City of Espoo
2007 Feelings Selfportrait, videoinstallation, Vuotalo gallery, Helsinki
2006 Reed, Halikonlahti Green Art Trilogy, Salo Art Museum
2006 Sunflowers to the city, Muu ry, Terrortory, Helsinki
2004 Frutti, Inner yard of Helsinki City Museum, Helsinki
2004 Nordic Art Association Finland Anniversary Exhibition, Shorebarracks Gallery, Helsinki
2003 Feather Room, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
2003 Cultural Centre Helsinki, performance 10.10.2003
2002 Rohto, Helsinki City Museum of Art
2002 Corridor & Wise and Foolish Virgins, Taidekeskus Retretti Art Centre, Punkaharju
2002 Blue-Red-Bridge & Evening Bells, M
2001 Timeboats , Coastal Museum in Sogn & Fjordane Sunnfjord Museum
2001 Eat Art, Muu ry, Dispencing with Formalities, Helsinki
2000 Pointillistic Bridge, Biennale of Environmental Art, Imatra
2000 Seesaws for Children and Angels, Port of Art, Kotka
2000 The III International Festival, Manege, St. Petersburg
2000 Reflections, Alte Br
2000 little big house, Jyv
1999 A Dream of Heaven, W
1998Replace L Vantaa City Museum Kajaani Art  Museum M. K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas, (with N. Naujokaite)
1999 Junge Kunst International, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, L
1997 Embracing the Chestnut Tree , Museum fJenseits der Norm, Documenta X fringe Exhibition