Alberto Stuart Oviedo


I am Cuban and work as sculptor since 1992. I have learned my profession in various sculpting groups in Havana as well as studied a degree in Plastic Arts. I work mainly with wood creating abstract forms emphasizing lines and movement. In my art you can see the two roots of my culture; the Spanish and the African. I have worked also with marble and stone, I do some painting and graphics too. Here in Finland I have experimented also with ceramics.


  • 2008 “Jäätyneet juuret”, part of the 1st Cuban Cultural Week in Finland, Library of Rikhardinkatu, Helsinki.
  • 2005-06 Oviedo’s Project works decorating The Royal Hideaway Cayo Esnsenachos Lobby Bar, Cigar Bar , Buffet Table, SPA, and Ballroom) it is Cuba’s first five star hotel.
  • 2004 “Little Things” International press Center.
  • 2003 ” Oviedos in Oaxaca ” Benito Juarez Museum. Oaxaca. Oax.México. ” Abstraction and other Ideas” International Press Center. “Oviedo Stand” International Craft Fair PABEXPO.Havana.
  • 2002 ” Three in Eleven”. International Press Center.
  • 2001 “Millennium” Havana Capitol Museum. “Presence ” Faculty of Chemistry Mexico Autonomous University. Mexico FD “Oviedo” International Press Center.Havana
  • 2000 “Back Home” Amelia pelaez Gallery “Vigencia ” Manuel Arellano Hdez. Culture House .Jalisco.Mexico. “Two Cubans in Zapotlanejo” Jalisco,Mexico.
  • 1999 ” Oviedo Woods” Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Havana “Image II ” Cuba’s Phototeck. “Vigencia” Havana Capitol Museum.
  • 1998 “Two Oviedos ” Bohemia Magazine. “Oviedo Woods” International Press Center .Havana.
  • 1997 ” Sculpture in Photography”. Juan David Gallery. Havana.
  • 1996 ” To Amelia “Amelia Peláez Gallery. “Afrocuban Carvings ” Burg Grabstejn Hrádek Nad Nisou, Czech Republic. ” Afrocuban Carvings” Begegnungszentrum im Dreieck,Grosshennersdorf, Germany. “Afrocuban Carvings “Stätisches Kulturhaus ,Zgorzelec, Poland.
  • 1994 “Oviedo and Oviedo ” Sevilla Hotel. ” Friendship’s Bonfire “Amelia Peláez Gallery.
  • 1993 “Afrocuban Carvings” Africa’s House. Havana.
  • 1992 “Yoruba “Marianao Cultural Center.Havana. “Carvings” Students House. HPIJAE. Havana.
  • 1991 “IRE” 10 de Octubre. Gallery. Havana. “IRE” Student’sHouse. HPIJAE. Havana.


Phone: +358 44 5045405