Aino el Solh


Aino El Solh (31.10.1987 Helsinki) has, in the past ten years worked in different projects that use space in unconventional ways. She is was one of the founders of De Fabriek, that is an old factory space in Rotterdam on the river Maas, where a group of artists produced an alternative cultural program during two years in 2005-2007. In 2007 she brought a lebanese development project for sustainable living and food production in the finnish Aalto university. Currently she runs a small guest house in Berlin, where guests stay in normal apartments, and works as an artist.

Private exhibitions
2015 GALLERY HEMMESPHERE ’ My first million’, Rotterdam
2015 PAPPELREIHE CAFE ’ Kill Bill and other stories’ Berlin
2009 GALLERIA VAIHTOLAVA. About the earth. Helsinki
2006 EASY CAFE, ”Traces on walls”, photos from Beirut. R’dam

Group exhibitions

2015 48h NEUKÖLLN ’S.O.S. Kunst rettet die Welt’ , Berlin
2014 LEAP ’You might be a dog’ Berlin
2010 & 2009 PALAS TAIDEPOLKU. Environmental art in Hyvinkää forest. (FIN)
2008 VESIJÄRVEN RANTAGALLERIA. ’Punainen lanka’ with Ilkka Karhu, Jumpei Shimada, Björn B. Lindström. (FIN)