laru-logo-02.pngLARU is a recurring, annual international art exhibition event in Lauttasaari.

Lauttasaari has been chosen as a primary exhibition site, because the area encompasses both dense living areas and wide shorelines which are reserved for recreational use. The shores of Helsinki are unique and rare. In recent times, the shores have been in the spotlight due to alternative urban planning. Other central themes of LARU are the relationship to the seaside site, and enhancing different areas with the help of art and deepening the cooperation between artists and the general public with the help of workshops. LARU was organised first time in year 2006.

Art is made both to the nature and urban environment. The goal of LARU is to insert art into every-day experience, along hiking paths or shopping trips. The materials consist mainly of natural and recycled materials. We cooperate with different partners: the Lauttasaari Association and the local inhabitants have had a say in deciding the final place for a permanent art installation which will be ready later. LARU expands every year with new kind of happenings. The Association was registered officially on 31.8.2007 with name LARU ART Association.


LARU ART wouldn´t be able to organize exhibitions and happenings without artist´s work, sponsors and other supporters. We need financial support, materials, workrooms, technical support, helpful hands etc. Although environmental art is financed yet more support is needed: the art works are free to see for all the people in the environment. Our big project-NUPPU Sculpture also looks for longterm sponsors.